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Jaguar’s design philosophy

An inspiring video that provides some insight into Jaguar’s design philosophy. It resonates in that it could apply equally well to the design of websites and applications as it could to a car.

Particularly relevant quotes are:

“the designers design what beauty is and the engineers have to be involved in that process early on so that they can appreciate what makes it beautiful so that they can go and execute it”
“we all know the power of a team that’s moving in one direction”


This blog has been forlornly gathering cobwebs for a fair few months now. However, I’ve finally given it a bit of an overhaul by fixing some broken bits and turning it green, with the aim of starting to blog much more regularly.

One new feature of the site is the addition of a Flickr feed in the right-hand column (uploaded to Flickr using the stunningly useful Jing). Here, I’ll be posting screengrabs of interesting/cool/useful/diabolical websites and apps on a fairly ad hoc basis, with descriptions and annotations to explain what’s going on.

Right then … better get writing, hadn’t I?


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