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My favourite checkbox

A refreshingly honest checkbox that brought a smile to my face (from the rather splendid Quicksilver):

Superfluous visual effects checkbox in Quicksilver

Is this the linguistic equivalent of a fairy door?

Taking a tumble

I’m not a prodigious blogger, as my stupendously lame output over the last few months will testify. It’s not that I don’t want to, or even that I don’t think about what I could write about. I just spend too much time thinking about the details and how I should write a post. My expectation of myself is that I should always try to write something reasonably substantial and at least mildly interesting. At the moment, I have more than 30 unpublished posts that are essentially collections of notes that I’ve never found the time to expand on as fully as I’d like to. Basically, I find it hard to find the time to achieve the sort of blog that I really want to have.

I am, however, quite taken by the idea of Tumblelogs. These are just short, sharp stream-of-consciousness type blogs. There is no expectation of sitting down and writing an article. It’s more of a scrapbook of observations, thoughts and links. I guess it’s kind of half way between Twitter and a real blog. Since starting my Tumblelog, Sensorytumble, I’ve been surprised how easy it is to engage with the concept. This is all helped by the fact that it automatically pulls in my bookmarks and Twitter ramblings. I’m encouraged to post as well, because I know that it’ll have to be brief and that actually publishing something is achievable. And that makes it much more fun!


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